Can fast fashion ever be sustainable?

Sustainable clothing is the foundation of Dead Tree. Our statement has always been EARTH FIRST pushing “pixels NOT paper” since 2002. With a commitment to sourcing new ways and new materials to print our graphic art that will push the “EARTH FIRST” motto.

Can fast fashion ever be sustainable?

No, fast fashion can never be sustainable. The idea of fast fashion is that it is produced quickly and cheaply, which is not sustainable. The environmental impact of fast fashion is huge, as the clothing is often made from synthetic materials that do not break down, and the manufacturing process uses a lot of water and energy. Fast fashion also often uses toxic dyes and chemicals, which can pollute the environment. Moreover, the working conditions in fast fashion factories are often poor, and the workers are paid very low wages. All of these factors make it clear that fast fashion is not sustainable.

Some brands are trying to be more sustainable, but they are often more expensive. And even if a brand is sustainable, that doesn’t mean all of its products are. It’s important to do your research before you buy anything to make sure that it is sustainable.

If you’re interested in being more sustainable, you can start by shopping less. You don’t need to buy a new outfit for every event you go to. You can also shop second-hand, which is much more sustainable than buying new clothing. Finally, you can support brands that are trying to be more sustainable, just like DeadTree. 


It is clear that fast fashion is not sustainable. The only way to make fashion sustainable is to slow down the production process and pay workers a living wage. This would make clothing more expensive, but it would be worth it in the long run.

Sustainable Fashion


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